Workflow Improvement Revit and Solibri

Hi community.

I am looking for some help with my workflow.

My workflow today is exporting ifc from Revit and load the newest ifc into solibri where I have the others disciplines ifc files.

When I am working actively with my MEP design I need to export a new IFC and reload it to solibri every 30 minutes. I often also get new ifc’s from other disciplines daily that also needs to be loaded. Sometimes my ifc export is 100 mb and it take some time to export it even at low resolution.

It is just the geometry I need to see in solibri

Do you guys know a better and faster way to do this?

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My first thought @Joachim_Ovrid is: if you just need to visualize and aggregate different models coming from Revit and other disciplines, why not use Speckle instead?
Speckle supports federating models out of the box, and my hunch is that it might be faster, and surely cheaper than Solibri.

By using Speckle, you also don’t necessarily have to rely on IFC, if the application is supported, you can publish your models directly from our connectors, see them online in your browser, and share them with others with a link.

Have you tried our new web app already?

I am going to test the new speckle app. :slight_smile:

I have easy access to latest ifc’s others from interaxo, dalux or bimsync or similar.
It can be more complicated to get other people in other companies(other disciplines) to install speckle and get them to remember to send the models to speckle when they updated.

Do you have a workflow where I can do this myself with others ifc’s?

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Of course, you can just upload them yourself!

Perfect. I am gonna test it. :slight_smile:

It works great.

Can you please increase the limit of a IFC size upload from 100 MB to 500 MB?
Can you also fix that pipe insulation color is the same as pipe color when sending file from revit to speckle?

Do you have any more context you can give on this?

Pipe insulation color

Here is an example of what I mean. This is a picture from my pipes inside speckle 3D viewer using revit connector.

I have a green pipe color, brown pipe color, yellow pipe color, light blue pipe color and a dark blue pipe color to see which systems different pipes belongs to.

It looks good to see the pipe insulation in black, but it is hard for me to see what system they belong when I am exporting 3D view with insulation as I often do.

A on/ off button to turn on/ off the pipe insulation color to get the same color as pipe would be nice.

I recommend hiding the Pipe insulation.

Unless the model has the same property on the insulation as is on the pipe, this will always be the case I fear,