Weekly Changelog: Integrated Automate, project settings, viewer fixes

Hey everyone! This is the first post in our new Weekly Changelog series where we’ll cover new updates and improvements to Speckle. Our web team recently moved to a new release process where updates are released to the production web app daily rather than monthly, and this will be the place where we share all the updates—both big and small—that we roll out every week.

Pro tip: You can also always check the closed pull requests on Github if you want real-time cutting edge updates of what we release. A merged PR = a release.

New & Improved

  • Integrated Automate (beta)
    • Speckle Automate is now an integrated part of the Speckle experience on web. Instead of running in a separate web app, automations now live alongside the rest of your project data in a new tab called “Automations”.
    • Automate is still in beta but a bit more public starting this week. If you feel adventurous you can create an account on our public testing environment latest.speckle.systems to check it out. Or you can wait for a more stable beta version on the main web app very soon (we’ll post more info + guidance on how to get started).
  • New project settings
    • Project settings now also live more conveniently as a tab on the project page next to Models and Discussions. The interface has been redesigned for clarity, making it simpler to update project info, permissions, collaborators, and webhooks. This all used to live in a rather confusing modal.


  • The web app no longer scrolls to the top of a page whenever you open a modal.
  • Model names are more readable in the Scene Explorer because we only output the last part of the name instead of the full sub/model/structure.
  • Editing the project title and description has been moved to the project settings
  • Long property names no longer break the filter layout in the Viewer
  • Section boxes are now correctly reset when you close a model and open a new.
  • The “new comment” button is no longer visible when you deselect an object.
  • Selections are now conveniently minimised in the Selection Info panel if you select multiple objects.
  • Your browser no longer thinks that you want to input your credit card details when you name your project (but let us know if you want to pay for Speckle).

See you next week!