Webhook triggers

I’d like to create a webhook that triggers on streamFavorite.

Is the list of triggers limited to the ones a user can set ind the FE?

Alternatively, does the stream_update trigger on user favorite?

The webhook triggers listed in FE1 are by and large their limits.

I’d have to test how many of the actions not hardcoded in the webhook form are also valid to be created by GraphQL:

A users favourite streams, branches and commits is a property of the user, I don’t see any Activity triggers related to users beyond creation, update and deletion on user management.

What sort of workflow are you looking to support with such a webhook trigger, what would you like favouriting a stream/branch/commit to emit to?

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In the software we’re developing, we have a 1-1 relation between buildingprojects in our software and streams in Speckle. I was hoping that favorites in Speckle could trigger a webhook such that the buildingproject in our software would also be favourited, as we can do it the other way around through GraphQL.

But it seems that it’s not a problem atm, since the Revit connector doesn’t support favourites.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Fair enough.

As Speckle is fully open-source, we are always happy to receive contributions where they extend the project in relevant ways.

Indeed, surfacing favourited content beyond the base frontend is very interesting as a UI/UX option.

@Agi has been seeking inputs like these, so I’m pinging here :smiley:

Hello @chriskrejler,
Nice feedback! I would love to learn more about your interests and ideas regarding our product. Please book a call here to discuss this further: https://calendar.app.google/CdaA1i1bi6Y948Yf6
Thank you!

Thanks @jonathon for connecting us!