Webhook is not being called

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Hey @mattm!

I opened a new thread for your webhooks question. Don’t hesitate to open as many threads as needed for different topics :wink: It helps us keep track of recurring questions better, and helps the community find solutions to common problems/questions.

What’s the url did you use when creating the webhook? Is it in localhost by any chance?

Basically, the speckle server will do a POST request to that url every time one of the selected events occur (i.e.: if you select commit_create, the server will perform a request to that url every time a new commit is created), so the url you provide must be publicly accessible from the internet.

If you are running things locally, you’ll need to use something like ngrok to redirect from a public url to your local machine.

You should also see a detailed log of the times the webhook has been called, even if it failed to do so. This is from a stream I set up 2 days ago :point_down:

Hi Alan, thanks for the advice - it turned out I hadn’t selected commit_create event as one of the triggers - a closer look at the stream feed showed me that’s what I should have been looking out for rather than stream_update and commit_update events which is what I had set. It’s working now! :smiley:

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Great news! Thanks for reporting back you solution (I’m sure you won’t be the last person to select the wrong events, I’ve personally done it myself too!:sweat_smile:)

For a bit of context, commit_update isn’t really being used at the moment, since there is no UI that allows you to update a commit (changing the message for example), and it’s just there for completeness as we will eventually add ways to do this.

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