Viewing Revit Data in Speckle browser via Dynamo


I’m trying to export some data to Speckle via Revit from Dynamo, the data is some Boolean values based on the category settings of a View Template.

There’s no issues with the export, but in the browser I can’t seem to access that data.


I was hoping to use the change comparison feature in the browser to export the same data tomorrow and see if any values had changed, is this functionality currently supported in the web app or do I need to export the data to Excel then to Speckle? (Which I’m trying to avoid since our company policy doesn’t allow 365 add-in’s in Excel)

We have an active workstream on the scene view and the Selection Info covering a lot of this—FE1 had a lot of that date, but it was overwhelming for others. Thanks for the input from a data analyst’s perspective. @benjavo and the team appreciate it.

It’s also the first time we’ve been asked about the Diffing for data alone with no geometry, I think; it’s an interesting take.

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There’s a combination of change management and model auditing scripts that I’ve been trying to find a solution for the data comparison that isn’t exporting the same or slightly different data to new rows of an Excel file.

As a solution for my question, I think I can Receive the Speckle data in Dynamo based on yesterdays Send and do the comparison against the live Revit data, which there’s still some benefit to doing entirely in Dynamo using Speckle as the data storage since it doesn’t need Excel.

Although if it’s not possible to view that data on FE2 in the browser, can it still be exported somehow if I wanted to know what the data was at a specific date (I don’t see any way of pulling a specific version via dynamo).

Hi @MitchR,

If I understood correctly, you want to access the different versions of the same project from Dynamo, correct?

You probably already know that once you upload the model on the Speckle Web App and start creating different versions, you can click on the side and all the versions of that specific model will be available to you.

Version Preview

Every time you click a different version, you will notice the last part of the URL changing. This is the ID of each version. In Dynamo, you copy and paste the URL for each version, and you will be able to get the project data from each version.

At the moment, you can´t get the IDs for each version directly from Dynamo. Copying and pasting the code will be the only straightforward solution that I see at the moment. You can probably automate this by creating a list of all the URLs and then looping through them, or something like that.

Let me know if this is helpful.