Viewing Linked Revit Models

Hi everyone! due to the working methodology within the organization to which I belong, a single building is composed of multiple models (Revit). I am exploring the possibility of creating a report in Power BI, but when loading the model and viewing it on the web, it does not load with the other linked models. I tried doing this both from ACC and directly from my PC, but neither method worked.

Is it possible to achieve this, and if so, how can it be done?

Hey @mariortizm welcome to Speckle.

Within the Speckle Revit connector, there is an option to include Linked Models in what you send to Speckle.

Your experience is improved if you choose to focus on what you want to end up seeing in PowerBI and send that to a dedicated model branch. If you definitely want to send all your data in this way in one go, that is an option. You may want to reflect your aggregation in Revit inside the Speckle application database by sending each linked model to a separate Speckle model branch.

You can then separately filter and join these in PowerQueries to have an easier time honing down to what you want to dashboard.


Thank you very much for the prompt response! :grinning: the instructions worked for me. I found that configuration, I hadn’t explored the advanced settings.

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