Using speckle under the hood for Revit?

I’m still in the exploration phase of what Speckle is capable of, so this might be a naive question. I understand that Speckle integrates with Revit via an add-on. If I’d to develop my own Revit plugin, could I use Speckle under the hood without the need for my end user to understand and install speckle themselves? Would I need to rewrite parts of the logic of the current Speckle-Revit integration myself then?

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The Speckle-Sharp library can indeed be used without any of the Connectors that also implement it.

You can allow your plugin to reference the SpeckleManager to handle accounts, disregard it, build your own account/server id management internal to your plugin, or even hardwire access to a specific account and/or stream. You can do this for your own Speckle server or even the public access The SpeckleManager is not open-sourced.

You can technically use any or all of the RevitConnector code in addition to your own. Or fork the repo and simply tweak to your heart’s content. The licence is really very permissive. DTTP

A point to consider is the burden of maintaining current versions of your plugin when, on occasion, a breaking change happens on the server end (very infrequent) or improvements are made to the speckle-sharp core (quite frequent). There are also a few gotchas to look out for concerning .dll conflicts. If any of your users ALSO installed SpeckleRevit, there may need to be careful version management YMMV. Everyone is very friendly here, but you venture into unknowns and difficult-to-support territory.


We’re also looking to add the possibility to extend some of our Connectors via custom hooks or overrides (with or without a UI), in case it helps :slight_smile: