Using Speckle offline (without internet connection)

Hello! I was thinking that my personal Speckle workflow is very inefficient. I use it to send geometry from Rhino to Blender and it is really cool, because I can make quick corrections in Rhino and in a few clicks I get it in Blender. I use it as a “live sync” option between those 2 programs. (Lumion has something similar, automatic export from rhino to *.dae and import to Lumion app).

However my issue is that every time I want to send data with Speckle I have to first upload it to the server and than download it. It is great, beacuse Speckel adds a lot of cool features, but I can’t use it offline and with really big projects takes a bit longer… So it just seems a bit inefficient.

I was wondering if there was a possibility to use Speckel offline? More like a live sync thing?


Great idea @FGFG! It would be awesome if there was an offline mode where data would be stored only locally. Speed is one thing, but privacy concerns on some projects play a role too.

I guess one could always set up a local speckle server, but that’s a lot of hassle and will probably be used by a small amount of users.

All the connectors could, theoretically, use local transports?

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Yes, they all could. Currently, only Grasshopper and Dynamo have local transports though primarily because not having a UI it’s much easier to add these features.

Maybe we could experiment a bit with adding it to our Desktop UI and Blender, although keep in mind that local transports do not have the concept of commits and branches, and they would only work in “single-player” mode.

@FGFG do you feel like the upload/download time is considerably longer than the conversion time?


So far I use Speckle in “single-player” mode without commits and branches for about 95% of the cases so it is no problem.

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No, not really, only on super heavy scenes upload/download time gets slower. Also there are a few bugs with blender add on. (I already reported them :slight_smile: )

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Thanks, we’ll look into it!

(PS I can’t seem to find other threads from you in regards to Blender bugs, so feel free to link them here or post again)