Urgent: sudden issue receiving geometry

  • Objective: receive geometry from speckle via grasshopper connector

  • Issue: since this morning the “deconstruct speckle object” and “Speckle Object Value by Key” fail to decode certain geometry objects ( see screenshot). I tested with different branches, that earlier this mornign still worked fine.

  • Example:

Connector version?

Have you updated another connector but not GH?

Was this exact stream and graph previously working?

thanks for the rapid reply!
gh connector version is 2.15.1, and yes it was exactly the same stream and branch i was working on previously. The last commit was pushed from the same gh file a hour ealier. I then tested fetching some branches that have been updated a few days/ weeks ago with a similar issue.
Sending also seems to behave unexpectetly, where the send component returns an “index out of bounds error” when supplied with 4 simple gh geometry objects (line, brep, point, curve)