Uploading IFC files

Hello, I’m trying to import some IFC files to my Speckle Stream, but it seems to bug up when I try with slightly larger files. Some files just keep converting forever while some turn into ERROR. I checked that the files are under a 100 MB so the problem is something else. I am new to Speckle so it may be some elementary mistake as well.

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Thanks for trying Speckle out. Sorry, it isn’t working out just yet.

Can you share those erroring files so we can make sure we are doing all we can to handle malformed files/ incorrect elements and plugged holes in object schema support?

Not all IFC are created equally (which is part of a different story) and some have hidden gremlins. We, in turn, rely on a parser from external parties.

If they are confidential, feel free to send us these files in a private message or as an email.

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Could the problem be that the converting time takes longer than 5 minutes and it is therefore ignored? If that is the case, what methods could one use to import larger IFC files? Is there also any way to import files larger than a 100 MB through other means?

Indeed this could be - we will also appreciate it if you could invite one of us to the stream and we can check the logs what the errors were exactly

If a problematic element is causing the process to take longer, this could be.

Yes. Here are the files:




Perfect, thanks - Logs show parser error and not a timeout - we’ll dig into what caused that


Hei Jonathon. Did you find out what caused the parsing errors?

We noticed a huge number of unexpected style tags errors from the web-IFC GeometryLoader from IFC.js.

_errorHandler.ReportError(utility::LoaderErrorType::UNSUPPORTED_TYPE, "unexpected style type", expressID, lineType);

We are investigating handling these errors better and considering if a partial upload is an experience better than none. This cascaded and hit a CPU limit. In any case, the team are also looking at a better UX around such errors being reported and potential retries.

IFC is a funny format; a small file can consume huge CPU resources, while a large file is untroubled in milliseconds.

Can you parse the SH ARK files elsewhere without error? We are always considering the reliability of our dependencies.


@Isakerikstad - I was able to eventually upload these IFC files in our development environment despite encountering the error that Jonathon mentioned. This was achieved at a less-busy time of day when there there was lower demand on resources, allowing the IFC importer to complete within the deadline.

You should be able to get these commits from this branch using a connector in your application of choice, and then send them to the necessary server.


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Great. Thank you Iain.

I have not testet parsing the file elsewhere @jonathon