Uploading different IFC files and see them together

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  • Objective: I would like to make a comminucation between different coworkers. each designer would like to upload an IFC file and as a result I would like to merge all IFC into one file by something like a project base (or any other suggestion from you) and see a unique view as a combination of three colleagues on different part of the project site.
  • Issue: How I can make this merging happen? how I can define a base and add ifc files on top of each other by that base point? Also one of my IFC files could be uploaded and converted but I can not see its objects in the viewer.

Hey @ghazaleh.eslami ,

You can create empty models for each IFC file and upload them directly to Speckle. They will get converted into Speckle objects. You can then overlay them in the viewer.


Speckle extracts an origin point from the IFC files which is then used as a reference point to overlay multiple models.

Can you please share the IFC file with us?

This explanation is perfect. thanks a lot for your solution. I will try and come back here if I need more support.

For sharing the IFC file I need permission.
But what I can say is that maybe there is a problem with numbers.
Do you know how long numbers can be handled by speckle?

this is a screenshot from BIMcollab ZOOM:


You can send a DM if you don’t want to share it publicly.

AFAIK, long numbers can be handled. @jonathon knows better.

My suspicion is it is a Zoom Extent issue. Can you change the camera to Orthographic and see if it changes anything.

Thanks a lot for your answers.
What else I found is that the IFCElement of the objects in this IFC file are “ifcproxy” which I think it is not defined in IFC schema in Speckle.

Hmm, that may be the case. In order to confirm, we need to see the IFC file.

Many thanks for your answers.
Could you please let me know what does it mean an “empty model” that you mentioned in your first solution?
When I have a new stream and branches it is empty and I need to import IFC to the branch.

We recently announced that we will be renaming our concepts: Streams → Projects, Branches → Models and Commits → Versions.

I meant a new branch if you use the old terminology.

Great. Thanks a lot.