Uploaded IFC not displayable in the viewer

Also experiencing issues with IFC files directly uploaded to Speckle. The upload works, but the viewer just won’t load.
I used one of the IFC example files directly from BuildingSmart (Duplex_A_20110907.ifc), downloadable here:

Link to commit here: Speckle

Hi @grub

There was an issue with one of the objects which is categorized as a Mesh but does not have any geometry data. The viewer now ignores such cases, and the converter will give a warning about the object in question and that it will be ignored.

The fix is available on https://latest.speckle.dev/ and will be included with the next release



Hey @alex
I have a similar problem. After uploading an ifc it gives me the following runtime error

in the ‘Import Files’ section for the imported ifc. I’ve attached the IFC-File
o3PM_ASTRA_Schlammsammler_1_0.ifc (24.6 KB)

Hope you can help me out here!