Update Data in Speckle Viewer Directly

Is it possible to update the data in a Speckle element within the viewer?

This would be great to be able to track install progress or allow for more people to be able to interact and update data in the model without having to use Excel or Revit to update those parameters.

Also, if we could create custom parameters like “Install Progress” we could use Speckle to show us elements that still need to be installed, or what stage of installation they are on.

You could also tie in specific parameters to scheduling software and show which elements are in progress of installation that way.


In theory it is possible. Actually we had a submission on this on our hackathon.




Aha, the construction digital twin!

Where speckle is the only database tracking your information, this would make some sense from a static authored model point of view.

If the model is still in flux (elements deleted or replaced), you’ll be mapping the installation dataset against identity data in the model and not a fixed speckle id. This may be better as a join/blend with the speckle stream.

Definitely food for thought!