Unknown Command in rhino with speckle (CreateFloor)

Hi, all.

I am trying to enable revit to know that surfaces that i have created in rhino, are floors.
I created planar surfaces in rhino. Ensured that ‘Speckle2’ toolbar was visible.
Highlighted the surfaces and then went to The toolbar and ‘BIM elements’.
I then used the dropdown, to create floor.
Nothing happens. My command line shows ‘Unknown command CreateFloors’
This happens, regardless of what element i wish to create.


I have uninstalled the rhino connector a couple of times now. No change.

Any help, would be appreciated.

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Hey @AOH ,

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We now have a SpeckleMapper replacing BIM elements in the Speckle toolbar. Take a look at the below video and let me know if it helps:

Hi @AOH ,

It looks like your Speckle toolbar needs updating!
Although this should happen automatically on install of the rhino connector, you can do so manually as follows:

  1. Uninstall the Speckle Rhino Connector
  2. Go to your Rhino version plugin folder in appdata: AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\UI\Plug-ins and delete the SpeckleConnectorRhino.rui toolbar file there
  3. Install our latest 2.16 Rhino connector

The updated Speckle toolbar should now be staged correctly when you start Rhino. You can also manually load the toolbar file from the same directory as the Speckle Plugin: AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Plug-ins\SpeckleRhino2

The new toolbar, which no longer supports the old RhinoBIM commands and replaces them with the Speckle Mapper, should look like this:

Hope this helps!

Hi, Claire.
Apologies for the late reply. (holiday).
Your suggestion worked!