BIM Elements in rhino

  • Hi, as with the Rhino to Revit tutorial I am trying to use the BIM Elements toolbox in rhino to select floor slabs as an example.
  • Although I have the connector set up, and I can send the whole model, but these BIM Elements are showing an Unknown Command response in Rhino.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Speckle link: What better way to share data than using Speckle?

The tutorial itself needs some updating. I can refer you to the post here

As @gokermu explains, The Schema tools are being replaced by the Mapping tool. This is an improved workflow for creating Revit geometry inside Rhino.

More can seen about this here:

This is a good prompt for us to refresh the tutorials; thank you.

Revit Elements can still be created with Grasshopper.