Unity can't read numbers and strings from stream


I read a stream coming from Grasshopper in Unity. This stream contains breps, meshes, curves, strings and numbers. I don’t have a problem with receiving geometry, however, Unity seems to not be reading text and strings.
Data I am sending to stream:

I have a game object with an attached script that is running GerNumbersFromSteam and GetStringFromStream functions from SpecleUnityManager class on Update. This however returns null for both functions.

Am I missing something or is there any other way of receiving strings and numbers (and in general data other than breps, meshes, etc).
Unity 2020.1.15f1

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Hey @juszy!

Welcome to our forum, in v1 we are wrapping basic types into Speckle ones (hence the SpeckleNumber etc types). I’m not super familiar with the Unity implementation, but I thin it’s just a matter of adding additional conversions for those types…

For example, this is how we do it in Dynamo: SpeckleCoreGeometry/Conversions.cs at master · speckleworks/SpeckleCoreGeometry · GitHub