Unable to visualize Revit Room Geometry in Speckle

Hi guys,

After some years of absence I’ve decided to dive into the Speckleverse again.

Currently I’m working on a quite large project with multiple architects. I want to implement a gridbased room id across the four models for orientational purposes, and for this I wanted to test out Speckle.

My setup is:
-A site-model containing georeferenced coordinatesystem, levels and grids.
-Four architectural models.
-The above are linked in to a Testmodel
-Using Dynamo to create the gridbased id’s by gathering grid- and room data, and then sending the data to Speckle.
-Probably also setting up Dynamo for the receiving end for pushing the data in to the actual rooms

The setup is sending the data just fine (sending the gridbased ID, as well as a the room object GUID, name and number), but I am getting nulls for the actual Room objects.



I’ve tried sending the Rooms as Dynamo Solids as well, but it came with the same result.

Has anyone encountered something like this?
Is it because the Room objects are coming from a linked model?

I’m aware of the fact, that I don’t need to send the Room objects, but as I will be using this for presentational purposes, it would be awesome to show the Rooms in the browser :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hey @MartinSpence welcome to the Speckle Community.

To clarify, just so I can try to have a minimal reproducible example:

  • the Room objects are not generated by Dynamo, but queries from the model?
  • the id’s are sent adjacent to the Room objects in the data stream you show, not applied to the Room objects themselves?

Hi @jonathon, and cheers :slight_smile:

You are correct on both bullets.

As mentioned, them room objects are included purely for visualization purposes, it’s the ID’s that are the important part :slight_smile: .

The grid ID’s are created based queries in a federated model, consisting only of links.
The ID’s are generated and maintained on my side, and on the receiving side are the architects, who push the data from Speckle via Dynamo.

So I thought I could set up the flow like this:

I create the ID’s → Send to Speckle → Architects Receive data from Speckle and push to rooms