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An error message appears right after I fill in the object link. I was using it until a few days ago on my home computer, and after a few days, I could no longer connect the data models from the link. I am using it normally on my work computer. On my home computer, I have this restriction. I’ve tried uninstalling Power BI and manager, but it didn’t solve the problem. I’m almost formatting my machine. Is there any solution to this problem?
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Hey @Francisco111 ,

  • Where does your model live? If it’s in speckle.xyz, can you try receiving from our new web app. We had a similar report and this solved it.
  • Can you try updating Power BI? We had some users
  • Do you have Speckle Manager installed and your account added?
  • Are there any firewall rules in place that prevent Power BI from connecting to an external server?
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I managed to solve it by switching the Windows user. It seems that the Windows administrator is blocking the URL entry. I created a test account for the Windows user and succeeded. After that, I imported the file with the data already inserted and returned to the main account and used it normally. But I have to switch users to import a new view. For now, it’s solving the problem. I appreciate the support. Sorry for my English, I’m from Brazil and I’m learning English.” :blush:

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Hey @Francisco111 ,

Glad to hear you figured it out and thanks for posting the solution too!

Actually, the problem was when I created a token key to connect to a visual. Once the token was created, it always redirected with the token, but I had created another account on Speckle, and Power BI kept the token from the old account. I changed the data source to no longer enter through the token but instead through login. This solved the problem. This issue is generated when you connect to a visual with a token key and then switch accounts on Speckle.

Thanks for the detail @Francisco111. While it sounds edge-casey we can consider adding the scenario to an FAQ in the docs to handle this.