Unable to access automate.speckle.dev


i am not able to login to speckle automations, when logging in, it tells me ‘permission granted’ and then shows me:

something I am doing wrong?

@Dickels112 thanks for the keen interest.

Automate is in the invitation stage at the present moment and that URL is only accessible by the Speckle team.

If you haven’t applied yet, please do as we’ll be reaching out to the first cohorts for onboarding.

The functions/automations you suggest will be part of the streaming process so give the attention I believe that you will anyway.

The URL state could be more descriptive. Noted.

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Hi @Dickels112

Thanks for sharing the error message.

We do need to improve the error message to be more helpful in its explanation. Can you describe what you clicked, or which links you followed which returned this error code?


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Hey ,

thanks for the swift reply: my gif of what happened here:

@jonathon i have applied a few times, but no response yet. Maybe it ended up in my spam mail, I’ll go dig. I just submitted another request :slight_smile:



We are still collecting applications, we haven’t sent anything outward yet


ah ok sorry, i misread… no rush :slight_smile: I will wait patiently but eagerly then :smiley: