TypeError: 'SpeckleException' object is not iterable

I keep getting this error trying to deploy a speckle web app.


So streams which should in theory content the list of streams after client.stream.list() instead is the Exception.

This could be because your previous step of client authentication wasn’t successful.

If you log the client object what do you see?

And/or for good measure what is the inner exception message shown above Iogging streams

Hi Jonathan,

Here is the terminal output, seems like there is an SSL error where its failing to authenticate. the certificate. This is quite odd, because I ran the same program on my personal laptop, and it’s seemed to work normally without any errors.

Have you checked if the client is authorised? it will output authorised:true as part of its string representation.

In the meantime, I’ll ask around.

And all these tests are using speckle.xyz and not a different Speckle server?

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your help.

The problem seemed to be a firewall issue (SSL Certificate) within our company. It works fine now.