Top Railings not getting exported

When trying to send this model that contains railings only the Balusters are getting send correctly. The top railings, despite getting actually sent, appear to be missing geometry and data (If I try to send them alone they are actually sent but nothing shows up in Speckle).

The log for sending only the top railings has nothing after these lines:

31/05/22 14:04:44 Using converter: ConverterRevit v2.5.2.14364
31/05/22 14:04:44 Using document: Location of my Model
31/05/22 14:04:44 Using units: m


In Speckle:

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Hi! Sorry for the very slow reply, we’re working on this, and a fix should be out soon :slight_smile:
It’s actually a community contribution :wink:

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Hey @FilipeFinco ,

Looks like we forgot to give you an update on this. Yes, we have added support for top railings :tada:. So now top railing geometry (with its geometry and data) will be exported. And they can be previewed just fine on the viewer. Take a look :eyes::

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Thank you @gokermu for the update!

This is great work! Thanks for working on this.

I forgot to mention: kudos to @ibrahimsaad for his PR :handshake:.


Thanks, @gokermu, glad I’m able to help.
Ideally I should have did a similar PR for HandRails as well, I think I can do this in the upcoming days.