Time to export the SketchUp file to Speckle

Hello, I’m trying to export my SketchUp 2023 project to Speckle, but Speckle freezes and doesn’t complete the process. I tested with a lighter file and the process was quite fast, but when I try with this one, it freezes. Is there anything I can do to make this process smoother and prevent Speckle from freezing? I’m using version 2.15.0.

Hi @Gabryel sorry to hear this as your first Speckle experience.

Let’s try and pin down where your may lie.

Thank you for sharing the versions information.

  1. Regardless of overall file size, have you had any success sending a single object selected to Speckle?
  2. What has been your method of sending so far, by selection, by scene, etc. ?

Hello, I was successful in sending, but it was from another much lighter file. However, in this one, the SketchUp speckle extension always freezes after trying to send through selection. In the multiple selection, there are 3227 constructions, 86377 faces, and 69 instances. I apologize for my ignorance, but can I send the project in small parts through selection and then assemble it all in Speckle? Because I believe that if it’s possible to do it this way, it will work.

What we’d be looking to break down would be if there were specific elements in that causing delay. If you can’t share the file for us to profile, if you could try sending parts and identify these.

Models can be reassembled from partial sends to the server, but we’d like to meet your expectations.

Hello, I shared the file with you in this email (jonathon@stardotbmp.com). I hope it has reached you. Thank you for your help!

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