Tekla to Revit: Floorslabs and Walls

Hello dear Specklers,

my colleague Lilla from Budapest currently is trying out the Tekla to Revit and Revit to Tekla send/receive:


For Tekla to Revit:
Use case: Formwork drawings for concrete are done in Revit but the master model is Tekla:
During the process, we saw that the floors/walls are received as direct shape. It would be beneficial for the execution phase (or in general for all design phases) to have a system family in Revit, which can be modified (cutting of builders work openings) e.g. Direct Shapes are also not updateable means all annotations are removed of the drawings with new updates.

In case you need an example model, let me know and my colleague will provide you access to the project (wante to write stream … new naming will take some time to override in the head :wink: ).

Thanks :slight_smile:


Please do. I take some personal responsibility for Tekla not getting full love in the current 2.17 release which had been due — my attention was diverted for some reason :crazy_face:

Let me add this with your example to our backlog. We collated a few Quality of Life Tekla items so we may ping you/Lilla as we go.


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Let’s do that. We will send you the slab link via PM later today. We will collect further feedback until December. When you are up for a brief call, let us know :slight_smile:.

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Hi @jonathon,

Lilla uploaded now a stream to your speckle.xyz and also invited @Pavol and you.
Commit | Speckle

Below please find some comments from our side :slight_smile:

A. Hollow Core Slabs:
In my opinion, these slabs can be simplified as regular slabs without holes … if people want to have them in higher detail … Direct Shape with all the downsides they have.

Alternatively … create void elements and subtract them from the slab… but this is lots of effort on your side.

B) Tesselated elements
Slab is tesselated in the viewer and also might be an issue in Revit

C) All slabs need to be received in Revit as System Families … otherwise the whole annotation issue arises and we have the same situation as annotating imported IFCs in Revit … with every update you have a reset of the drawings.

In case you need a Revit or Tekla File let us know :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!


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