Tekla - SAP2000

I’m trying to export Tekla elements and importing into SAP.

I have a Tekla Model with Imperial units (ft-in) and exporting using Tekla connector and after importing in SAP - I’m not getting correct units and Tekla profiles as well.

Is there something to look or which I can refer regarding Units and profiles in Tekla and SAP using Speckle connectors?

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This is definitely something for us to look at. Our current initiative is across the structural connectors generally to support workflows but this appears to be a bug.

What are you seeing happen with profiles?

SAP is assigning loaded profile sections to random members and not the required & correct from Tekla.

Thanks we’ll take a look!

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Unit System -

I tried exporting elements using different units but it looks like the connector is set to export for mm unit only.
If you export in ft or inches - It is multiplying with the mm conversion factor and making super long geometries.

Profile -

Tekla connector is reading the profiles correct in Speckle viewer but when exporting in SAP, its assigning the available frame section in SAP to all the elements - Looks like some profile mapping bug.

Other than these issues, I think everything looks pretty good :slight_smile: