Tekla 2022 installer

Hi all!
Is there the Speckle installer for Tekla Structures 2022?

Hi @Zhykharevich

The Tekla installer should be universal for versions 2020-23. If using the Speckle releases through Manager, this should be handled for you already.

I see you are in Arup; as I understand it, you have your own installation mechanism. I recommend you check with your in-house Speckle administrators. Over to you @JdB


Thanks @jonathon, at the moment, we distribute connectors for the most common software. For less used or Alpha connectors, we refer people to download the manual installers: https://releases.speckle.systems/
It mentions that Tekla Structures 2020 and 2021 are supported so we thought 2022 wasn’t supported. But good to hear it is!


@jonathon @JdB
Thank you for your answers! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, after Tekla Structures 2.14.0-rc10 installation the Revit Speckle stop working as well as Tekla Speckle. Maybe you have any thoughts on it? I would de appreciate if you know how to solve this issue

Did you also install 2.14.0-rc10 for Revit? 2.14 is still a WIP - albeit it should be baked enough not to be breaking things.

It would be good to check if you have the same release version for both Revit and Tekla.

I don’t have insight into the way the Arup installer works, assuming it includes 2.13. Could you try the last stable release, 2.13? If you get the Revit Connector from the Arup installer, then do that, and we can try and see if there is a combination that is working for you and troubleshoot issues upgrading from there.

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Great! It works with Tekla version 2.13. Thanks!

@JdB I have updated the Connector page - it’s now clearer that 2020-23 is the support frame for Tekla.