Structure Tree - sort by Stories (for visibility control)

I re-checked my test stream with latest Speckle.
It was an IFC direct upload of a small building.

In the Viewer’s left panel I see all kind of Filter options,
including by e.g. BIM Type.
But what I miss is an option to sort by Stories for faster
visibility control and switching.
(In a tree like structure like in BIM Software or IFC Viewers)

Is something like this already available in Speckle ?
(Do I just need to load the IFC again or such things)

Or is it dependent by which kind of Software send the Stream ?
E.g. Revit or Archicad may also use IFC-like Buildings and Stories,
do their Streams offer a Filter option by Story ?

By latest, do you mean FE2?

Öhmmmm, FE2 (?)

I meant since 2.15 and all the new things that may have happened on the server
during the last 2-3 months (?)

I tried with the standard Speckle Server.
(Tried now with the - same Filter Categories)

I can’t remember if I ever had a by Story Filter on Speckle any time in the past,
do something wrong - or if it would be an item for a Feature Request ?

I think universally and in the structure of the first IFC file I just checked with, IFCBUILDINGSTOREY isn’t a property on the Geometry objects in the viewer.

It is part of the IFC hierarchy, though. You can isolate/filter within the expanded data panel.

Nested within IFCSITE > IFCBUILDING > IFCBUILDINGSTOREY, this data view reflects the IFC structure.

Regarding FE2, this is the next generation Speckle we recently announced, offering a better UI for this activity.

You may remember filtering from a Revit model where each object carries the Level Property.

I can indeed log a feature request that Object Filtering be possible on Collection Properties, e.g. IFCBUILDINGSTOREY.Longname, as this is not yet supported. Indeed Filtering in FE2 is still a work in progress.


Apropos the available collection data, we recently added an experimental option for the Navisworks connector where data is coalesced to the Geometry node. We have discussed if this functionality rests best with the Connectors to implement or, more simply, within the client. There are pros and cons for either.

IFC properties are also tricky if they have been applied correctly in the host application - for example, IFCSpatialContainer might have been an option: but not all objects had it applied:

In this case, the coalesce data option on the nature of a Navis model reveals the Storey name as a “Layer” property:

Open to thoughts and suggestions.


If that isn’t too much work, that would be nice.

On the other hand FE2 (and that tree button) looks great.
I think I can wait until it is released.

I even managed to filter by story following your screenshot :smiley:
It works. But a bit complicated for someone like me.

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@Agi would for sure love to talk with you about this. I did my best with the fe2 scene tree explorer but obviously not good enough :face_holding_back_tears:

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Just want to say that the new Structure Tree, with the Isolate Icons
and BIM Structure works perfectly for me.
I can easily separate and examine a whole Story now.

Thank you very much Speckle !