Strange Redirect 404 (Probably nginx*)

Hello @cristi @dimitrie && @teocomi -

For some reason I’m getting a strange redirect error when logging in on a Speckle v2 instance we setup for a specific project.

See URL →

I get this 404 Error …

Yet, when I click ‘Home’ it actually takes me to my Speckle Dashboard??? Guessing this has something to do with a routing config or maybe nginx?

Some help is much appreciated.

Hi @markcichy ,

I created a test account ( Cristi - ) on the server you mentioned to try to reproduce, but I don’t get redirected to 404 page.

Can you tell where does it try to redirect? What’s the URL in the address bar in the 404 page?

Any errors in the JavaScript console?

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I can confirm, that it works as expected for me too.

Hey @markcichy, same - can’t reproduce - but since we replied late it may be that you fixed the problem :smiley:

So, funny story: it must be an internal routing issue. You are all correct, in that it works outside firewall as planned. When working within firewall it does not. Will have to ask our IT staff to analyze internal DNS.

Thanks for your help! Will delete your accounts now … :wink:


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Ah, @dimitrie — not so fast. :frowning:

It appear to work fine, HOWEVER, if you try to capture the Stream in Rhino or Grasshopper (or any client for that matter), login fails.

I am redirecting via Nginx to the internal machine IP in question. I’m wondering what the key ports are for Speckle. Obviously 443, but does 3000 still play a role? 80 would be the unencrypted internal port, which once traffic forwarded by Nginx would be encrypted. Confused, tired, and hoping there’s an obvious answer.

Hey @markcichy

Since you are using nginx for your internal redirect, you can check out our config at speckle-server/nginx.conf at main · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub

Long story short, there are a few routes we are proxying to the ${backend host}:3000


The solution was Let’s Encrypt root cert expiration as identified in this post by @teocomi / @dimitrie

Looks like this wasn’t entirely our fault? For once.


Thanks for the response. Glad it’s fixed :blush:

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