Speckle Manager connection issue

Hi Support,

Please help me to troubleshoot my connection issue with the Speckle manager.
My website is accessible from the outside. I have tested and still having an issue with the speckle server connection to the manager

Hi @ashish.patel, welcome to the community forum! (feel free to introduce yourself if you want to!)

Bad news is that i can reproduce this issue with both your server’s url, as well as latest.speckle.xyz. It seems that any server besides xyz is failing - which is totally unintended. We’ll have a look and push for a fix asap.

Thanks Dimitrie for replaying
I am a System Admin and helping my team to get connected Speckle server to the manager.
my speckle server website is reachable from outside but cannot connect to the manager and not sure if i needs to open any specific port or allow any specific traffic on server or firewall. i do have reverse proxy before the speckle server and want to troubleshoot ASAP. Please let me know how can i proceed


We’ve reproduced this on our end and looking into a fix!

@ashish.patel this has been fixed and Manager 2.1.6 has been released, please give it go, you can update from Manager itself.

The error had to do with Let’s Encrypt’s root certificate expiration:

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Thanks for quick response and fix

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Can confirm – this is the solution, will ref in my other post as solution.
@dimitrie @teocomi