SQL connector, to sync meta from any model into SQL (mainly REVIT)

To be able to send data as it is possible on excel, but directly into a SQL server… credentials and all that hocus pocus included…

Hey @Juan_Pablo_Klempau can you describe you use case / workflow more in detail?
Data in Speckle is already stored in a SQL database (postgress), so this sounds a bit redundant :wink:

Speckle uses a Postgres database internally to the server, but might not be accessible to you due to our specialised storage methods designed for operational efficiency. Speckle Automate could be ideal if you’re aiming to develop a relational data store outside of Revit. It processes data with every publishing event and updates the relevant tables accordingly.

You can sign up for the Speckle Automate closed beta at this link: Automate with Speckle

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