Speckle's New Web App

Hey @Community,

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST :partying_face:

Speckle’s new web app is up and running and you can start using it today!

Don’t hesitate to post feedback and comments in the forum, we’d love to hear what you think!

Speak soon,


:starstruck_spockle: :partying_spockle: :starstruck_spockle: :partying_spockle:


Thank you for the wonderful news! I’m pleased to hear that the product is evolving. :sunglasses:
With your permission, I’d like to ask two questions:

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Hey @Eleron96 ,

Old web app will be slowly phased out.

Filter search have already made its way into our new web app. you can find it under Scene Explorer.


Thank you!


Thank you so much :heart_eyes:. This function is really useful for me :sweat_smile:


Fantastic update! Is there an easy way to adjust the coloring? Some of the default colors when filtering are extremely similar.

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Thanks for reporting. Currently that’s not possible but we’ll note down the idea for the future. My hope is we can solve this through better automatic coloring, or allow users to reshuffle colors, rather than introducing the complexity of user customized colors. But let’s see!

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A shuffle option would be perfect. I was about to request the ability to navigate by arrows and just realized it supports the “w a s d” keys. Is there an option I am missing that permits looking around or “turning”. Any attempt when “walking” through a model to turn with the mouse skips me above or below my desired viewpoint.