Specklepy.api - import error

Hello Speckle team,

I am having issues accessing specklepy.api

Attached the error message…


…and the version of the installed SDK

Thanks in advance for any support.


Hey @smg_michele, welcome back to the forum - you’ve been missed.

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I can see you are running python under windows - can you give more details about your setup? Are you running in a virtual environment, as a jupyter notebook?

How do you install packages usually?

Hi @jonathon, thanks for the reply.

I have python env installed with conda… below a list of the packages, hope that can help

# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
annotated-types           0.5.0                    pypi_0    pypi
appdirs                   1.4.4                    pypi_0    pypi
asttokens                 2.4.1                    pypi_0    pypi
attrs                     23.1.0                   pypi_0    pypi
backoff                   2.2.1                    pypi_0    pypi
ca-certificates           2023.08.22           haa95532_0
certifi                   2022.12.7        py37haa95532_0
charset-normalizer        3.2.0                    pypi_0    pypi
compute-rhino3d           0.12.2                   pypi_0    pypi
deprecated                1.2.14                   pypi_0    pypi
devtools                  0.12.2                   pypi_0    pypi
executing                 2.0.1                    pypi_0    pypi
gql                       3.4.1                    pypi_0    pypi
graphql-core              3.2.3                    pypi_0    pypi
idna                      3.4                      pypi_0    pypi
importlib-metadata        6.7.0                    pypi_0    pypi
multidict                 6.0.4                    pypi_0    pypi
openssl                   1.1.1w               h2bbff1b_0
pip                       22.3.1           py37haa95532_0
pydantic                  2.4.2                    pypi_0    pypi
pydantic-core             2.10.1                   pypi_0    pypi
pygments                  2.16.1                   pypi_0    pypi
python                    3.7.16               h6244533_0
requests                  2.31.0                   pypi_0    pypi
requests-toolbelt         0.10.1                   pypi_0    pypi
rhino3dm                  7.15.0                   pypi_0    pypi
setuptools                65.6.3           py37haa95532_0
six                       1.16.0                   pypi_0    pypi
specklepy                 2.16.2                   pypi_0    pypi
sqlite                    3.41.2               h2bbff1b_0
stringcase                1.2.0                    pypi_0    pypi
typing-extensions         4.7.1                    pypi_0    pypi
ujson                     5.7.0                    pypi_0    pypi
urllib3                   1.26.18                  pypi_0    pypi
vc                        14.2                 h21ff451_1
vs2015_runtime            14.27.29016          h5e58377_2
websockets                10.4                     pypi_0    pypi
wheel                     0.38.4           py37haa95532_0
wincertstore              0.2              py37haa95532_2
wrapt                     1.16.0                   pypi_0    pypi
yarl                      1.9.2                    pypi_0    pypi
zipp                      3.15.0                   pypi_0    pypi

The call to speckle.api.client is correct in your version of specklepy, nevertheless, if you aren’t tied to other specific dependencies, can you try updating specklepy? we are at 2.17.11

conda activate **your_environment_name**
conda install specklepy --force-reinstall

let’s try that and see what next steps might be

Hi again,

I just realized there’s a compatibility issue with python version…the one I have in the env is 3.7 :man_facepalming:

Now works like a charm!
Thanks @jonathon

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