SpeckleObject built with "Create a Custom Speckle Object" fails at deserializing via "Expand Dictionary or SpeckleObject"

I’m basically following the step-by-step tut from the Speckle website. The Expand Dictionary or SpeckleObject works well if the object has not been sent and received, but fails after reception (see screenshot).

I am using the latest built (downloaded the exe today).

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Great :man_facepalming: Logged it here, thanks for flagging this up. Will try to have a look at it.

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@pauldotnet, I was looking at this to see if it related to another issue that I found. It seems that the problem comes from the fact that the Receiver is trying to deserialize (convert to native format) the object. It is failing because Speckle doesn’t like to convert bare SpeckleObjects into Rhino (what type of data would it use?).

If you uncheck Deserialize in the receiver options, the Expand Dictionary or SpeckleObject should work (it did for me when I received your stream).

@dimitrie, is there any support for converting SpeckleObjects into native formats? Rhino has a Rhino.Runtime.CommonObject that could be used, but the fact that SpeckleObjects aren’t defined in a kit might make things a bit tricky.


Thank you @daviddekoning this did the trick!


In Rhino, we can’t really do much with custom objects unfortunately; or in other authoring software. If the original object is a Line, or something Rhino can understand, then we’re better off as we’re trying to attach those extra custom props to an ArchivableDictionary (which you can retrieve in via grasshopper).

In Grasshopper, the don’t deserialize trick is a great workaround for now :slight_smile:

I guess that is alright but shouldn’t all the objects be visible online on SpeckleAdmin as they were all correctly converted to native Speckle objects? They seem to be seen as speckleObject, even though I might try and serialise them before passing them the component “CreateCustomSpeckleObject”