SpeckleManager goes blank


I have downloaded the SpeckleManager, and now I want to add a connector, but every time I click one of them SpeckleManager goes blank.

Hey @Sillas_Poulsen,

Looks like your manager is not up-to-date. Can you download the latest version from here👇 and give another try?


Hey Gokermu,

That is the one I just downloaded a few minutes back?

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Is it because it’s a mac?

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Hey @Sillas_Poulsen,

I thought you were using Windows. Yes, that is the latest version for Mac. This seems like a networks issue. I’ll ping the maker of Manager👮‍♂️ @teocomi.

It does indeed seem like a network issue due to maybe a VPN/proxy… Are you using a corporate laptop or a personal one @Sillas_Poulsen ?

Personal laptop, and I have tried to disable adblockers in my browser in the speckle site, but don’t know if that has an effect when its an desktop app.

Dang, sorry for the issue! Asides from trying to restart it I don’t have useful suggestions at the moment.

The good news is that we’re about to release the new version soon for Mac very soon - we’ll keep you posted!


Yeah I’ve tried that as well, but no worries I look forward to the update and please let me know :slight_smile:


Hey @Sillas_Poulsen we have a very early release of the new manager for mac :partying_face:, could you try and let us know if this works?



The new manager now has its official place on our downloads page