Speckle Webinar Series! 📽️

Hey @Community !

We’re planning to start making a series of webinars in the next months to help you get the most out of Speckle :speckle: .

We have some ideas on what to show and would love to hear from you what specific workflows or aspects you’d be most interested in.

Here’s what we have come up with so far, let us know below which ones you’d like to attend or if you have any other suggestions and we’ll get on to them:

For new users :new:

  • Intro to Speckle (Revit, Rhino, Excel)
  • Collaborative Workflows Gh ← → Gh
  • Speckle for structural engineers

For computational designers and hackers :man_dancing:

  • Advanced Speckle for computational designers (Grasshopper, Dynamo)
  • Design your workflow with Speckle
  • Automated Workflows with Python
  • Getting started with Speckle for Unreal and Unity

For developer :man_technologist:

  • Real-time data visualizations with Speckle
  • Hacking the Speckle 3D viewer
  • Creating a Speckle Apps step by step
  • Deploying Speckle step by step


What about workflows where different task teams use published IFC-based information containers as a reference for further editable object-based tasks from their respective authoring tools.




Hey, in my opinion, the creation of applications is already described in sufficient detail. As far as deploying is concerned, it doesn’t seem complicated at all.

At this point I would like to create more geometry directly in python. I would like to learn more about fake mesh, 3d viewer and the mechanics of the displayed geometry


This sounds so great! I would like to see the developers and python workflows.
Also would like to learn more about:

  • graphql mutations from a speckle app
  • connecting a python script to a speckle app for automated workflows
  • more examples on webhooks!



All great suggestions, please keep them coming! :star_struck:


And if you haven’t already, it’s never too late to Introduce yourself 🙆 :wink:

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This is exciting :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Please can you include:

For new users :new:
Introl to Speckle: Microstation, PowerBI, GSA

We have a project that we will start using Speckle on, and over next few months will need to train up our CAD team to receive Speckle streams from designers. So a webinar that we can point them to would be much appreciated.
For PowerBI, the designers will use Speckle to visualise data (analysis results which will be values attached with geometry). Again a webinar on setting this up would be much appreciated.


Can you also include a webinar for GSA data.

Specifically streaming results together with the geometry?

Again, related to a project we are working on, and lots of bridge engineers will start using GSA and Speckle. and sending streams to other designers (geotech or other), so they can receive the geometry and results for substructure design (pad foundations, or pile foundations), so having this workflow in a webinar would be immensely useful for designers

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Nice! Would definitely join this!


Started to play with Power BI so a webinar on that would be great.

  • Creating a Project dashboard in Power BI using Speckle
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Hacking Speckle 3D Viewer sounds interesting!

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