Speckle Viewer not showing on Mac Os and Chrome

Hi everyone,

I have been testing speckle with Archicad on a Mac Os. It works brilliantly on Windows, but I can’t see the model in the viewer when using Mac.
I am using a MacBook Pro M1 Ventura 13.6.4.

Any suggestions?

Welcome to Speckle, @BIMSAM. Let’s break down what you are experiencing in Mac vs PC

Is the same project that works on on PC what we are looking at on your Mac screen?

Is that an indefinite blank screen, or is it in a loading state?

Is that Safari browser? Chrome? Opera?

Are there errors in the browser console log and/or network tab (F11)

The more we hear from you the more we can learn to replicate or pinpoint the issue you are experiencing.

Hi Jonathon,

The same project works on PC.

It is an indefinite blank screen on mac. It doesn’t load at all.

It is Chrome.
I have inspected the console. There are a few issues. I have attached a screenshot here:


Can you also try disabling plugins in your Chrome and see if that helps?

Hi gokermu,
I did that and it doesn’ t help.


Same outputs in console and network panes? How about adblocker (we don’t have ads but some the rules don’t like the speckle loader)

The security certificates etc seemed to be working ok.

@BIMSAM if you can share a project link, we can try to replicate it, but there isn’t anything out of the ordinary in the setup you have described


It seems to be something with Chrome. I could get it working with Internet Explorer.


This has us confused. Is internet explorer available for M1 Macs?

It still suggests a browser setting or plugin blocking things, but hopefully you have a solution working for you.