Speckle Viewer Floor Plan / Section View?

are there any plans to add the functionality to generate simplistic floor plans and sections in the Speckle Viewer? This would be super helpful, especially in federated models with e.g. furniture or other equipment in rooms, where 3D views might be a bit harder to work with.

No plans at this time. From a personal perspective, it is not a trivial task, even for simplistic results as the data is not authored in Speckle. i.e. control over what objects are “joined” is not in our control

I was a sponsor of the initiative to get this activity into BlenderBIM; this may be a better answer right now where this activity takes place somewhere like Blender / Rhino etc.

What we have heard, which is potentially more plausible, is that a view and particularly commenting could be associated with a set of orthogonal project sections for text and drawn overlays.

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Currently @alex is working on modularizing the viewer. Part of that work will be exposing some of the underlying acceleration structures, which will allow developers to do things like three-mesh-bvh - Projected Edge Generation in customised viewer bound modules.


oh, that’s sexy :speckle:


wow. that is cool indeed…
in line with the current post though, I think this would be added value. it would save a lot of time continuously creating drawings for people who do not know how to use/interpret 3D. also something like ‘auto dimensioning’ would be a very cool feature.