Speckle Update URL has been blocked by NOD32

I guess this is for updating through Speckle Manager ? Has ssl expired ?


Ouch. Thanks for reporting this! We’ll try to look into it. The cert is not expired (https://speckle-releases.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/ → the proof; it should be fine in your browser!)

If you’re stuck with downloading updates, you can head over to https://speckle-releases.netlify.app/; the download links in there use https://releases.speckle.dev/installers.

Later edit: if the eset antivirus popup allows you to send feedback, you could try to report it as not dangerous or similar?

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Hey @Dimitrios.Ververidis ,

What’s under details, if you click there?

Are you using the “old” manager or the new one?

Speckle Manager v2.2.6

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <COLUMN NAME="Time">29/7/2022 2:09:02 μμ</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="URL">https://speckle-releases.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Status">Blocked</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Detection">Anti-Phishing blacklist</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Application">C:\Users\jimve\AppData\Local\Programs\speckle-manager\SpeckleManager.exe</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="User">ITI-793\jimve</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="IP address"></COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Hash">F0A29ABF6D7A1E0A78ED6C90644486E55012DCF5</COLUMN>

Also the link for the new manager is blocked


it seems that NOD32 has put you in the Anti-phising black-list

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There’s an option in the bottom left to mark it as safe! Could you please do that?