Speckle update for the webp vunerability?

hey just wanna know if speckle has an update that deals with the recent webp vunerability.
from my understanding it’s any app that uses electron, which speckle uses.

I think speckle doesn’t use webp… unless it does the for preview. But It’s something I would rather not have in our environment.

Hey @jack_dumanat,

The original Speckle Manager was based on Electron, but not the most recent Manager which has been the prinicpal version for about a year.

If you have specific concerns about any other area of Speckle, let me know where you think there may be a vulnerability. Ideally, raise an issue on the relevant repository: https://github.com/specklesytems/

Thanks! I’m in the middle of an audit, when I saw it.
from the handful of computer that had Speckle, it seemed they were just testing it.