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Hi @SpeckleTeam :raising_hand_man:

While using Speckle on some of our engineering/software dev projects, I observe an increased need for users to be able to edit stream object properties outside of the source application.
Abstractly, I see this need occur when:

  • A user wants to send a model from application A (alien software) and receive in application B (his/her software), but to be able to receive a valid model, some of the object properties are missing due to lacking API or knowledge of application A.
  • User A creates a stream in his software (modeller/junior), user B (project manager or senior designer) wants to quickly review/edit/fix object properties to enable further downstream processes.

Right now, you can edit object properties using the Excel connector, but it doesn’t support merging this new data with a specific branch/commit again to create a new merged commit.

Ideally, this type editing can be done inside the web app, as a feature inside the stream page (ppt extravaganza):

User only needs to select branch, commit & Speckle type, for the table editor to appear.
When finished editing one or multiple speckle types, a new commit can be generated with the changes. Geometry based properties should probably be filtered out.

If having a stream type editor in the web app is undesired, the described feature could also be added in the Excel connector. In addition to the filter and receive command, a new selection command can be added that allows users to select by speckle type (e.g. Select by Speckle type):

For every selection, a new excel worksheet is generated with the name of the speckle type.
Selecting by Speckle type from a list like this has the advantage that you can edit all instances of a type at the same time, even if they are nested.

In addition to this new receive method, the sender should have an option to merge the sheets with an existing branch/commit again.

Curious to hear what you foaks think? Has something like this been discussed before? We’re happy to contribute here!



Hey Guus!

Good to hear from you and thanks for the great suggestion.
It reminds me a bit of this use case, where I suggested a

web app with a tabular interface that allows for a bidirectional link with Revit

Would that be a solution that could work for you too?

We should hop on a call at some point to discuss your use case more in detail!


Hey @teocomi! Also great to hear from you :smiley:

That use case would also definitely work! We can use parts of both the Table Viewer and the Demo App as a starting point. If the app turns out to be as useful as we think, it can always be considered to be integrated with the admin app.

Some questions I still have:

  • Does the web app need to focus on Revit use cases? It could serve editing objects for all connectors?
  • The query should always be a Speckle_type equals, in order to retrieve objects with the same schema. This could be a dropdown selection after a stream commit has been selected?
  • The field selection can also be a select from list form?
  • Are there fields a user should be restricted from editing? Such as Speckle native fields/geometry fields/embedded object fields.

Where can I reach you to start organizing a call about this?
@JdB and maybe someone else will join the call, if that is ok?
In preparation I can mockup a simple UI again.


Well, the Revit <> Sheet link I see it mostly working on Revit parameters, but maybe there are some common grounds with the type editor you’re suggesting that we could explore…
Feel free to DM me here or email me, next week is quite clear if we want to schedule a call!

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