Speckle Stream as "Direct Context Link"

I have brought this up previously… but in 2024 they added two items that Speckle should jump on…

Note that this is not “in Revit” it’s basically an advanced “graphic overlay”

  1. Snap to objects
  2. View Properties.

Most of our collaborative workflows between platforms are to fragile as projects progress to “replace” geometry wholesale … but this with some excellent features on top would absolutely make Speckle’s us later in projects easier.

This seems to be essentially a rebranding/extension of the Coordination Model Links feature already in Revit that allowed for, e.g. Navisworks files to be referenced.

The DirectContext doesn’t persist, so if this is a suggestion for Speckle to offer a transient receive mode, we can add this to the long list, but it isn’t a core objective in the near term. It would be tracking some of the ACC feature-set for sure.

Hey Greg, not sure I understand, are you suggesting we add similar features to our viewer?

Good news is that it’s not needed :slight_smile: When loading different models/versions in the viewer, you can access each model’s element as you normally do. So, seeing properties (or snapping, as soon as we have support for dimensions) is not a problem!

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@teocomi @jonathon The request is to have a mode in the apps that support “Preview,” basically what Direct Context in the coordination model in Revit 2023 or in Rhino. IMO the reason this is valuable is most coordination is not about “importing” other geometry but making certain “mine works with yours” …With a selection, you could then have a workflow where you could use the “preview” as a means to create or update in the native app. Imagine something boring but important and tedious … Slab Penetration Coordination. You don’t want to import the openings from others… but review them. If you find a change, you’d want to “update from stream” where you selectively inherit the updates… or add a comment to coordinate as the change won’t work etc. This has to be done in the native app for efficiency, it could be done in the viewer, but you end up making a 1 step process into a 4 step process… people don’t do those kind of processes.


Yup, that’s clearer; we understand D.

No joke, Penetration coordination is a topic I’ve invested a lot of professional time to, so I completely understand.

This is a legit suggestion. We’d probably want to ensure full access to geometry, and properties are not hardcode limited to ACC. We can certainly explore the basics API for fallback Mesh only.

Just from experience, virtual overlay objects in Navisworks are big memory hogs, so they would also need exploring from that point of view. If I am going to expend my time on Speckle receives but get nothing lasting out of it…

The currently supported solution for this of syncing into a linked file would solve the ROIT issues and probably be less than 4 steps, but the point is taken. :+1:t2: