Speckle sender component (in Grasshopper) has stopped working

As of this morning, the sender components in my definitions seem to have stopped working. They appear grayed out and stuck at “initializing”. The same thing happens when I open a clean Grasshopper file and place a Speckle sender (see image below). I updated my Speckle version to v1.7.11 this morning, after encountering the problem but nothing changed. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Hello @eleana_pol! sorry for the late reply, i’m on holidays at the moment. The public server, hestia, had some hiccups recently - can I ask:

  • where you using it at all when this happened (hestia.speckle.works)?
  • is this still an issue?

Hello @dimitrie. Sorry for the late response. It turns out we are not using hestia but a private server so the problem was on our end. It has been fixed now. I am still very new at this so apologies for the noob question, thanks anyway though!


No worries - good to hear it wasn’t us & thanks for letting us know :wink: