Speckle Revit connector on CPU performance

Hi Speckle community

  • Issue: We have noticed that when the Revit connector v2.14.4 is installed we get a significant hit to CPU usage. Even with no other applications open and Revit doing absolutely nothing it seems to sit fluctuate between 20-30% usage. This is the same across all the Revit versions we have

The spec of our machines, which are Citrix non-persistent VMs, is below.

|Processor|Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6254 CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.10 GHz (2 processors)|
|Installed RAM|60.0 GB|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|

I am going to update to the latest release of the connector but was curious if this is expected behaviour? Is it the same for you? Yes you! Reading this!

Cheers, Pete

Hey @psmithBVN

We haven’t done anything in the more recent versions to specifically to address anything around CPU usage.

We haven’t heard concerns in bound on this matter, we could see if something of your setup is unique but first would like to learn more. Could you describe under what circumstances you are seeing CPU usage spiking 30%? Is this with Speckle just installed, or under “load” when Publishing to or Loading from a server? Under Conversion? reviewing comments?

Regardless upgrading to latest is always our recommendation as we are constantly improving and addressing additional conversions and performance. 2.16 was specifically to improve Revit performance. We have a Release Candidate available and this will be released as stable next week.

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Hi @jonathon

Thanks for your response

So if I start my machine up, open Revit and let it sit on the home screen the Revit session will be consuming 20-40% CPU. Or even if I create an empty project and let that sit, same thing.

I have tried ripping out all my addins leaving only the v2.14.4 connector and no change to this issue. The when I remove the speckle addin it idles between 1 and 3%

I wondered if it was potentially something to do with the dockable panel because they have to be registered on application start, do they not? Something in that maybe? Unsure

Will proceed with that update nevertheless

Thanks again,