Speckle projects

Let’s continue on this reply from Matteo: Speckle 2.5.0 Released! - #7 by teocomi

Speckle projects! I’m excited to see you are planning to add support for “projects”, especially since it is a long requested feature! A lot of people around me have been asking about it: “Where are the projects from V1?”. We have developed a pragmatic workaround, but a proper integrated solution would be a major improvement and seriously enhance maturity of Speckle, at least from a corporate point of view.

The main features that I think would be great to see in projects:

  • Store fixed project information
  • Multiple project owners can add users and streams to a project
  • Project overview page (easy to find project streams and collaborators)
Additional brain dump

Additional brain dump for other features for further defining and scoping:

  • When comments are further enhanced, have a comments overview page to see which comments are urgent and not yet solved
  • Set federated model views (select which commits to overlay in the viewer, ideally from multiple streams)
  • In the project, maybe show a table with certain commits and an assigned status (wip / delivered, date x / stage 1 / etc.)
  • Maybe differentiate between a WIP project page for the team and a client project page so the project owners can define which streams or up to which commits a client can see?
  • Okay I’ll stop now…
Pragmatic workaround

The good old wd40 and duct tape. We’ve developed a separate web app as a workaround for Speckle projects. The user can select a project from our internal project database. This will present an overview page where you can see the streams “assigned” to the project and the Speckle accounts including their collaboration role. The user can add an existing stream or create a new one. The project data is populated in the globals branch of the stream (we have set default globals on our Speckle server). The project number and project name are retrieved from the project database + optionally users can define: region, office and discipline, which are also selected from the options present in the project database.

What do others think about projects?
@pieter and @MdeLeur could you maybe share your current thoughts on projects?

  • In the project, maybe show a table with certain commits and an assigned status (wip / delivered, date x / stage 1 / etc.)

As Speckle is an object-oriented database, maybe more interesting to do an object-oriented status. Not per stream/document, but really on objects. and track when changes to the objects are made, so statusses can be automatically reverted. I have some workflows for this already and we have developed an IFC-based tool for this. I will check if I am allowed to share this info.

  • additional: definitely workflows to get information approved through the project (either on stream lvl or on object lvl)
  • Also very cool to have is a functionality which automatically enforces identity data on the objects that are going through a stream (either based on mapping, or adding them as ‘empty’ to objects with no data at all
  • And a mapping table for the different properties through different software. e.g. in civil3d propertysets and their properties are declared differently than in Revit and multiple properties can exist along eachother. Within a property you can define a mapping definition: which propertyset/property is used for what parameter in the other software.