Speckle Origin Point Control

Commits from various platforms are great. However, they all have different approaches to the use of an origin point. Revizto allows their model inputs to be displaced once inserted. Ideally this is settled outside the collaboration space, but sometimes this just isn’t possible.

Can Speckle do this already? Could it in future?

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Which software would you be interested in doing this for?

  • QGIS Connector can send either georeferenced or close to the origin
  • Revit Connector can send and receive relative to all of its reference points
  • Navisworks Connector can send either georeferenced, bounding box centre to the origin, or nominated coordinate proxy

Where else are you thinking? We can address this in a workflow focussed way.

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Archicad has a survey point that is similar to Revit’s. Rhino only has a file origin point.

So you are talking about Rhino <> Archicad?

yes. I’m trying to coordinate work of 5 architects on wo continents for a large site here in Canada. I’m coordinating Archicad, Rhino and Revit models. My Rhino Commits land at my project’s universal origin as there in no survey point and not much attention paid to true north or even a project north.

We could consider adding a Proxy basepoint definition in the Rhino Send options. We’d have to investigate how to maintain that reference on each platform reliably.

Where are most of the coordination happening, or are these 3 ways of sharing back-and-forth between all parties?

A low-tech CAD-like approach not involving anything special from Speckle may include a proxy element at the project coordination points.

In master planning, my preferred approach is always to include 3 points instead of one (all outside the project). This methodology always allowed for Scale, Position and Orientation to be checked. This also assumes that a single cartesian CRS is correct for the scope. Most design stage projects can, but design<Construction may be different.

In rhino you can leverage named cplanes to act like coordinate system base points.

I’d love to see a feature in the web viewer where you can see the coordinate systems of all the models in a project stream.

Another feature is the ability to apply a transform offset to any model to help reconcile disciplines and vendor models with the ability for others to pull those models down with those offsets applied.

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It would also be a useful feature to add the ability to send and receive streams based on an existing application coordinate system or a speckle coordinate system the user chooses across all applications. In applications that don’t have a mechanism for multiple points of reference, the speckle coordinate system could be used and managed within the speckle web.

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