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First of all thanks for this project.

Currently, I am looking into workflows for the application of Speckle. Therefore I would be interested to hear if there is any upcoming update regarding the way Speckle shows my object data.

At the moment my SpecklePoint (and other objects also) is just a bunch of unreadable ids (see image) image.

I would like to see the data which is actually useful for me such as the coordinates for a point, or start and endpoint (and coordinates) for a Line. I know you can access a JSON by typing that in the URL https://server-URL/api/streams/{STREAMID}/objects, but it would be nice if it is directly visible in the interface :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear from someone!



Hi @dirksliepenbeek,

To view your objects you just need to connect to https://app.speckle.systems/ (providing server URL and email account) and inspect your objects in the viewer like so: Speckle

Hope this helps,

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Hi @pauldotnet,

Thanks for your reply.

To clarify see the image here:

I have no problem with using the Viewer, but on the right sidebar you can see the “object data” which is the “bunch of unreadable ids now (see image)”.

If I use the API to get my json of the stream, I will get something much more explanatory. See image below:

Now I can see the properties / values / layer name of that Point in the stream.

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Hello @dirksliepenbeek!

Thanks for your feedback, yes that JSON “objects explorer” is not including geometrical information by default as it could easily hog the frontend, just imagine having open a big model or mesh…

But maybe that information could be queried upon request, eg by selecting one/more elements and explicitly clicking somewhere… Did you have any specific workflows in mind or is it purely to check the geometrical attributes of some objects?

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@teocomi, it can actually show things nicely though (already implemented a way to display large arrays, w/o hogging the frontend, they just get shortened up, and you get something like this (note the ...939 more values)):


That whole pane was a “todo” ultimately, or a placeholder for adding in the future a better & nicer way to display object properties.

I don’t think we’ll work on this in 1.0 though, as we’re currently focusing on 2.0, and kicking off the insider programme with some valid code. We will review and merge a PR on this though if it happens!

PS: as well, if this is blocking some critical aspects of your (@dirksliepenbeek) workflows, do let us know more, and we can potentially reconsider the above

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Thanks @teocomi

For me it is important that only the data is shown in the object explorer which is useful for the user (the ids / hash are less useful than for example the coordinates of a point). It would be nice if we are able to set up which object data is shown in the object explorer and which data is not shown for a specific server. In that way we can eliminate the data which is not very helpful for a regular (non-developer) user.

For now it is just testing and finding out what we can / cannot do with Speckle, I was just curious if it is something which will eventually be implemented.

Thanks, @dimitrie. It’s not blocking any critical aspects at the moment. But for the future, I would say that the Speckle platform could also help a lot with getting more insight in the data of your project. A nice and clean JSON (with options to show all the other object data if required) would be very much appreciated, especially for wider usage within my company.

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Totally agreed. As a funny meta-side-story, when that tab was implemented, the end-user was actually me debugging the viewer :smiley: (ofc, it was supposed to be temporary)

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