Speckle not installed on Blender 4.0

Thanks for sharing this. Can you also share the screenshot of the following directory:

This one

I noticed that you have BlenderBIM installed. We have received reports of conflicts between the two plugins dependencies. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to solve the issue. However, you can find a workaround in the following thread.

Thank you so much this helped

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Hello All,

I am a novice in both blender and Speckle.

Installed are Blender 4.1.0 and Speckle 2.18.1 according to instructions, including saving a blender file, quitting and the installing Speckle via the manager.

If those version are compatible , please help me determine what I have done wrong.

The only add-on item is Speckle. The Manager dialog box says compatible with Blender 3x. I installed 4.1.0 as from previous discussions it seems that they are deemed compatible.



Screenshot 2024-03-29 174106

For me these are compatible.
I just installed Speckle in Blender 4.1 official and 4.2 alpha.

There are a few things that could go wrong but you said you did those already
Yes, you have to start your Blender first. To force Blender creating its
Settings Folder Hierarchy, some mention you should do some changes and
save a any file and/or do some changes in Settings and save Settings.

Speckle Manager will search for those Blender Settings Folder
and install Speckle inside.
But for me that did not always work. I usually have 2-3 Blender versions
installed, each has its own Setting Directory. Although these Blenders
were already in use, sometimes some of these AddOns are missed by
Speckle Manager Updates for some reason.

But I see your Explorer screenshot and it looks like installation
worked as there is already the bpy_Speckle Folder in

And I see the screensho of Blender Settings that does not show
The only reason I can imagine is that you have to start Blender again.
If it is still not in AddOns, try to set the Filter from all to “Scenes”.
That Scenes filter entry is added by Speckle.
Maybe it is needed to make Speckle to appear in the list.

And if Speckle appears, maybe it is not yet activated.
When successfully activated (Not aborted by that error log popping up)
it should appear in “N” Palette on the right and maybe do another Blender
restart to make it work.
(I had it once accessible but it did not work before another restart)

I think I found your Problem.

If Speckle is not yet activated - it can’t appear in your AddOn list
as long as you filter for “Enabled Add-ons only”


UPDATE: Speckle was installed on both Mac OS and Windows, running Blender 4x and 3x respectively.

The issue was that there is a warning in both OS’s, and Speckle is not enabled automatically. Thus, when the “Enabled Add-ons Only” is checked it will not show up. If that is unchecked, Speckle does show up, not checked. There is a warning, which can be ignored, and then checked manually.

There-after it works are expected. I have to find out what WIP means. Assumption is “Work in Progress”, which would be OK.

hello, i’m also having problems installing the blender connector (2.18.1) in 4.1 (4.0 was installed before but without speckle). it’s showing in the add-ons but cannot activate it. all my add-ons are in the program folder. but speckle installs it in appdata folder. i deleted that one and manual installed in the program folder, but also manual install will not work. it keeps giving an error.
'failed to install dependenices through pip, got 1 return code ’ no result so far. any solution? thanks, robert

Hi Rob, do you have any company VPN or Firewall that might prevent our plugin from fetching from the python package index (PyPI)

This is needed for first launch.

Would it be possible for you to try a different network, or disable any VPNs?

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Hi. I’m currently trying to find the file name and location that the Speckle connector could be using for Blender. I looked all over my AppData files and Blender addons, and somehow Speckle isn’t connected there. It would be helpful if someone can at least assist me with pointing out where the file should be located when installed correctly. Thanks.

Hi @David_Pertrack

The Blender plugin installs to %appdata%\Blender Foundation\Blender\4.0\scripts\addons\bpy_speckle

If this is fresh install of Blender, there is a chance that some of the appdata structure has not been created (and therefore, our installers won’t install to that version of Blender)

If this is the case, please open Blender, save a file (anywhere, this will trigger Blender to create the correct app data structure), and reinstall the Speckle connector via manger.

Please let me know how you get on.

Hi @Jedd, thanks for replying.

For some reason, the “bpy_speckle” file is nowhere to be found in my drive, despite the amount of times I installed and reinstalled the connector. I even checked in the Blender File Viewer and it can’t find it either

Even though I had Blender for over a year now, I did try your suggestion just in case, but nothing changed.

If you meant by how I get onto Blender, then I simply get on it through my taskbar shortcut. I don’t have it on desktop.

I’ll continue to find the issue.

Hi @David_Pertrack
I have some more questions that might help us narrow down the issue.

  1. Please can you check if %appdata%\Blender Foundation\Blender\4.0 folder exists?
  2. How have you installed Blender?
    • From the regular windows installer downloaded from blender.org?
    • From the Microsoft store?
    • Or from another store/package manager (steam, chocolatey, etc…)
  3. Is this a work/company managed computer?

As a work around for now, you may find success installing the connector manually via a zip file.
You can find instructions on how to do this here Blender | Speckle Docs.

  1. Yes, I have the 4.0 folder, including the others, but the file isn’t there.
  2. I did install it from blender.org
  3. I’m using my own personal computer, so it’s not under anyone’s admin control except me.

I’ll try the zip file and let you know how it goes. Thank you for providing it. It should work since I installed other addons to Blender that were all also zip files.

[Edit]: It works. I don’t mind manually adding it for future updates of Blender, but this means I’ll need to manually install a new version of the connector each time huh?

I’ll see what else I can do.

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but do you have any thing other than an official Blender Version ?

As every Blender version still in Alpha or Beta will be ignored from Speckle
installer and needs to be copied over in Settings manually.
AFAIK starting from RCs (release copies) to official version, installer will
recognize these.

I usually have a latest Blender official from the top of their download site
and a few Alphas or Betas, for which I can copy the bpy_speckle folder over
manually from the official version’s Settings Folder.

I only have the officials and I haven’t learned how to install multiple versions of Blender yet. I’m still new to the program since I got other interests, so I’m not at that stage where I choose whichever version I want to work on. It does sound interesting but currently I’m working on a big project right now and I don’t want to risk messing the file up.

So it is definitely another problem, not about prereleases.

I have Speckle on Windows too and so far also no problems.
(I do not really use the PC, I am a Mac user)
I always had bpy_speckle folders in the given AppData folders.

So your problem sounds quite strange.
Is there any special Antivirus or Security Software running that
may prevent Speckle from proper installation or puts the files
in quarantine ?

In case one day you want multiple Blender installations,
nut sure with Windows but AFAIR you just install different App versions
by assigning a separate App Folder while installation.

On Mac, when installing, I do not directly drag any extra Blender App into
the Application Folder directly as usual. I drag it to Downloads or Desktop
first and rename it - so it will not overwrite an existing Blender when I finally
drag it into the Application Folder.

Thanks for the tips on installing other Blender versions, but in regards to my situation, I suspect I installed Blender in an awkward location. Otherwise, I’m not sure for the moment. It have been the antivirus issue but I didn’t run into any errors while installing Blender.

on Windows I installed Blender from Microsoft Store.
That updates Blender official to latest version automatically !

Unfortunately on Mac Blender is not available in Mac App Store.
(License reasons ?) Therefore my manual custom installations.