Speckle not appearing in Grasshopper after installation

Hi, I can’t use the Speckle component in Grasshopper, although I have successfully installed it.
What kind of work needs to be done?

Rhino: 6 SR20 (6.20.19322.20361, 11/18/2019)
Grassgopper: 18.Nov.2019 Build 1.0.0007
Speckle: v1.8.31.336


Hello @haru! Sorry for the delayed response! I’m afraid I can’t understand the error - could you provide us with a quick translation? The only part I get is the TypeLoadExeception :grimacing:

One thing to try - though it’s quite painful - is to temporarily remove all other Grasshopper plugins and see if Speckle loads then. This is to see if there’s any potential conflicts in dependencies.