Speckle non compatible with my Excel version

Hello everyone, I am trying to sync Excel and Revit Schedules using Speckel. However, i have found some issues with my current Excel version. When I try to open the plug in, I get this message:

This is my current Office version, is there something am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any clue you might have to solve this!

Despite ending support for IE11 June 22, it was still the default browser for addins until I believe Jabuary this year ???

Please note that the browsers used by the Office Add-ins are determined by the Operating System and Microsoft Office versions. To utilize the Speckle Excel add-in from your desktop, please update to a version of Microsoft Office that utilizes at least the first Edge browser.

Actually, I see it reports Version 1808, which is a volume installation version and also the latest build number so it should pick up Edge and not IE11 - so I’d discuss this with your IT department. There may be a reason to keep your versions pinned there for older addon compatibility, but supporting IE11 with Speckle Excel is not planned.

Thanks a lot for your answer, that I wanted to know, if was something related with my office installation. I will check and figure this out.

do you have IE11 still installed, defined as the default browser?

Hello, sorry for the delay in the answer. Yes the IE11 was installed but not as Default Browser. I have uninstalled, and now it shows me this

I have been using now the online version, but I am still curious why is not working on the desktop.

I’d guess, and take me at my word there, that Office Desktop, when installed, has specific settings about what your live browser is/was.

Nothing in the Speckle Connector specifies that it should use Internet Explorer or any other browser. I don’t have a lot of insight into the vagaries of Microsft dependencies, but it could be that just uninstalling IE11 didn’t magically make Excel know that other browsers exist.

If it were me, I’d be reinstalling Office, but I don’t want to make that an extreme recommendation for what is needed to get Speckle for Excel to work; this is venturing into support I don’t have the expertise to give.

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Thanks for your answer, I will exploring and if I find the reason, I will give the feedback!