Speckle Mapper - Direct Shape Materials

Hi Speckle, recently I have started using MT for converting my RHINO geometry into the REVIT by using direct shape approaches. The conversion seem to be perfect to me until I realised that I couldn’t assign any material in REVIT for whatever objects that I converted from RHINO. Any changes we could implement this features into REVIT or is there some tricks/steps that I have been missed out during my approaches in mapping tools? Thanks!

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Hi @Jymbonarchy ,

Assigning materials to direct shapes in Revit UI is not possible, and it is a Revit limitation. There is nothing much you can do about that. We plan to add material support to the mapping tool in the coming release. Hopefully, that’ll solve your issue.

Sneak peek👇. This will be available in 2.14.


Other materials than Speckle Blue will be a Pro feature.


@gokermu That would be awesome to have for the material features. Perhaps one thing worth to highlight here is that we manage to assign material when we import the objects/elements into the revit family instead of straight into the project revit file. Cheers~

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We’ll eventually support that workflow as well. Currently all received objects are created as DirectShapes. But it is on our roadmap to create Revit families from selected geometries in Rhino.

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