Speckle Mapper brep issue


I am testing the Speckle Mapper for the first time (so I may be doing something wrong) and I have noticed that I have some issues with some breps.

  1. The vertical mullions of the panels get exported to Speckle but when I receive it in Revit, some are missing. If I leave that geometry as it is, without assigning a category I get it in Revit, but as soon as I assign any category in the Speckle Mapper, even generic model, those mullions are gone.

  2. When I export the walls I cannot see them in the Speckle server, but when I receive the stream in Revit the walls are there.

I do not get any of these problems if I just simply send everything to Speckle without touching any category with the Speckle Mapper. Also, in case this is relevant: this geometry was initially created in Revit and then exported to Rhino with Rhino.Inside.

Any help is more than welcome :sweat_smile:. I am attaching the Rhino file in case it is useful.

Sample.3dm (1.5 MB)


Hey @fcegnam welcome.

Are you able to make the same receive of mapped elements into Revit, and also share the Conversion Report with us?

That is the list of objects Converted on receive. It can be filtered to show only those skipped or error’d

Hey @fcegnam ,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :grinning:

Thanks for sharing the sample file. It really helps with debugging. Looks like our mapping conversion doesn’t cover the case where single object contains two geometry. @AlanRynne @clrkng this looks like an interesting case.

Until we fix this, you can explode these objects, join it back and assign the mappings again. It should get received just fine in Revit.

Thanks for reporting, keep these coming.


Hi @gokermu,

thank you so much for the solution. That definitely works. Yes, the two geometries in one extrusion are coming from a Revit family (it was easier to make them together with one extrusion to link everything faster to the same reference plane).

@jonathon where can I find the Conversion Report? Probably I will need it the next time.

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You can find the report under this :information_source: icon.


Thanks! I will keep this in mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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